The Jogger

by Halfbeak

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Halbeak's sequel to "Killing One Bird With Two Stones". The second and final chapter in one man's descent into madness.


released September 20, 2012

Many thanks to the amazing Harriet Bennett for her photos featured on the front and back cover



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Halfbeak UK

Halfbeak is a London band, featuring the songs of two Sparklehorse-Tom Waits-Shoegaze-obsessed Australians: Tim Gum, Jolyon Pagett, the talents of Theresa Elflein (keys, electronics, vocals), Alex Craig (drums), and Rob Hartley (bass). We like to explore the interplay between words, music and, sometimes (when we can afford it), visuals. Our first EP "Things I Knew" was released in December 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Uncomfortably Numb
So is this how you'll spend your days?
You're staring at the ceiling,
You'll stare your life away,
The cold wind chills your bones,
Have a cup of coffee,
Waiting for the sadness to set in.

Soon, you cannot move,
You're numbed by all the things you didn't say or do,
Life passes by,
You're numbed by all the things you didn't try.

Then one day it all makes sense,
A misplaced smile invades your weary face,
But you're too weak to help yourself,

It's so clear you remember now,
You're number by all the things you cannot do,
You're numbed by all the things you cannot try.
Track Name: The Jogger
Got the call at 3am, there was nothing I could do, chemical imbalance, saw you floating through the air in your red cardigan off the twelfth floor...
Track Name: You're Quite Mad, Did You Know That?
Cashed out credit card,
Homeless down by 5%,
And "half of us make it,
While the other half waste it"
You're just a leaky T.V set.

"You mean so much to me,
That I'm gonna give you our full-year warranty,
Because here at Specials,
We think you're so special,
This week only guarantee"

And dirty dishes and a broken man,
His blue stained soul and wrinkled hand,
And poor dad wishes,
He had those riches,
But he lacked the requesite mentality.

You're quite mad, did you know that?
But I'm just glad I've got one friend who's where I'm at,
Another strange one,
Another deranged one,
Among all you good people out there making it happen,

And I don't know if love is real,
Maybe it's just for those who know how to feel,
Who are well connnected,
Well respected,
Calm, collected and good in teams.

I stare at you like my T.V screen,
You speak to me like you're rehearsing some speech,
And everyone's sleeping,
But friend we're just dreaming,
Maybe we just lack productivity.